Dear Mike and Nicole,

I don't know what to do, I'm torn between work and family.

My younger sister has been telling my family about a guy she has been dating for a little while and we are all so excited for her. She has been single for a long time and never thought she was ready to settle down, until now. She feels like she can marry this guy. We finally set a time to all get together to meet and when he walked through the door at my parents house, I recognized him, because I am currently his therapist.

When I walked over to introduce myself, he acted like he had never seen me before and didn't know who I was. I'm so worried because the things that he has told me are pretty shocking and things that I would be worried about if I were my sister.

I'm almost positive she doesn't know that he is even in therapy, let alone the things that he is telling me during our sessions. I'm torn because I can't tell her due to patient confidentiality, but she is my sister and I feel like she needs to know! He is not the man that she thinks he is. I plan to tell him next session that I can't be his therapist anymore and recommend a colleague.

I don't want to lose my career, but I just don't think I can keep these things from my sister.

Please help!