Dear Mike and Nicole,
Within the last week, our doberman bit our 3 year old, in the face, causing her to get stitches.
It was quite a traumatizing event and scared me terribly. As a mother, seeing something so awful happen to your child is your worst fear. My husband is attached to the dog and believes it is a part of the family whereas I was brought up to believe that animals are simply pets therefore I have no emotional attachments to the dog. …..Any attachment or value I saw in the dog has now completely evaporated in light of the dog turning on my little girl.
Now, my husband and I are polar opposite in what will happen with the dog. I think we should get rid of him and he thinks this was just a one time thing.
The dog still growls at us for wanting to sit on the couch when he is on it. He has showed teeth to me many times when telling him to go downstairs.
 What should we do?  I say get rid of the dog…he says we keep it