Are you a lotto player?

I play occasionally; not regularly.  Every time I play, I'm convinced I'm going to win!

Just like you, and perhaps 46 million of our closest friends across the country, we just know it in our bones, that our birthdays, anniversary dates, and high school jersey numbers will be the winning combination.

The jackpot is swelling, just in time for holiday shopping!

Tomorrow night's Mega Millions jackpot is getting close to $350 million since there was no winner on Friday.  The cash payout, if you took the lump sum, would be $184 million. Not bad!  Think of the flat screen TVs, iPads, and Santa costumes we could buy with all that loot.

I'd buy a new house, new jeans and perfume, and get my nails done.  I bet I would continue to clip coupons because I love it so much.  But I'll let you know for sure after I win, and I settle in to all that money. ;-)

Check out the Idaho Lottery for more.  Good luck!