Last week I wrote a blog about a woman who I pass everyday on State Street. Since then, I have found out so much about my new friend!

Todd Olshefski Photos

My blog got a few hits last week and somehow through this crazy viral world, it got back to her husband, Todd. He tracked me down and since then I've learned so much about the woman who makes me smile each day.

  • Her name is Priscilla.
  • She works for the title loan store on State between Veteran's Memorial Parkway and Willow Lane.
  • She is from Georgia. Found her way to Boise through Chicago.
  • She works 8-10 hours a day/ 5 days a week
  • She has been at this job for 2 months.
  • People stop by and give her tips and tell her thank you.
  • Some people have called her employer and complained about the noise????
  • One woman from the apartment complex nearby walked over with a squirt bottle and started squirting her in the face telling her to shut up. The owner intervened. Priscilla decided to let it go this one time.
  • Priscilla is very shy. You would never guess that based on how much she gets into her job!
  • She and Todd met when he was driving a cab and she was his fare. He was late picking her up. She was livid. He told dispatch to never assign him to pick her up again. 4 days later he picked her up again. It was fate.
  • She is working extra hard because her mother is sick with Alzheimer's and she hasn't seen her in 5 years and wants to get home to visit.

I haven't met Priscilla face to face....yet. But when I asked Todd if she needed anything, after lots of prodding, he told me her tennis shoes and gloves are not holding up to the elements. So I will be dropping by this week with a few items for my new friend. It's the least I can do. It seems like a fair trade to me. Smiles are sometimes very tough to come by.