A popular gas/ convenient store is closing select locations in Boise very soon. As a matter of fact three have pumped gas for the last time. Maverik plans to open up 4 NEW Treasure Valley locations but mum is the word where those might be.

The company is expanding in the Intermountain West with the addition of 26 new locations.With the bump in stores the stores that didn't see as much revenue coming in closed, and in there place 4 will pop up.

Here are the stores that have closed as of this past weekend are;

  • Store #4 - 5200 Chinden Boulevard
  • Store #175 - 1909 West Boise Avenue
  • Store #206 - 9030 West Franklin Road

I love that employees though who work at these stores are being taken care of by company in the in-between time and offered other employment until they find other work.