My buddy who lives in North Carolina came up with this list of rules that he feels every man should follow if he is going to "put a ring on it."

I went over these with Mike on the show today out of curiosity, to see if he felt the same was as my buddy who is born and bread from the south. Mike agreed with all except for #6, 7, 9, 25 & 28. My favorite has to be #7. I am so old school but love that rule!

Man Rules According to JT.....

1. No men should attend showers (Wedding, baby, or otherwise.)

2. Men should never say "We're pregnant." It's silly. SHE is pregnant.

3. Men should know how to cook, clean the house, do laundry, and take care of the kids for extended period of time without having to call the wife for anything!

4. When you DO have your kids by yourself, you are NOT "babysitting." They're YOUR kids...

5. No matter how much you like to cook or how good you are at it, never call yourself a "foodie."

6. Never say things like "I'm gonna be sleeping on the couch tonight!" Also, don't say "I'm gonna be in trouble tonight!" You don't get in trouble with your spouse! You're not a child and she's not your mother!"

7. Unless you've been drinking or are injured on your way to the hospital, your woman should NOT be driving you..

8. Never ever wear a t-shirt with graphic language or use vulgar words in front of kids and ladies.

9.  If you are absolutely positively right in an argument, never give up your principles when your woman tries to seduce to make it all go away. Stand your ground!

10. If you see dirty dishes in the dishwasher, just clean them...Don't wait for her to do it. If she cooks, everyone else cleans!

11. Know your wife's sizes... (Clothes, shoes, etc.)

12. Hug your women tightly and snuggle with her WITHOUT trying to make the "relations" every time.

13. No man should ever use Angie's List.

14. You should always have a cooler/ice chest for EVERY occasion in various sizes. A real man only uses a soft cooler to bring his lunch to work.

15. Never let a woman cook outside on your grill...Women don't grill, they cook. Men can do both.

16. Point out when your wife talks to you in a way she would not accept if you did it to her.

17. Every man should know how to tie a tie. Period.

18. When you're going to an event where jeans aren't permitted, khakis should NOT be your only other choice...Get some pants!

19. Never wear casual leather shoes without socks...Especially with shorts.

20. No bracelets. If you must wear a necklace, wear it under your shirt.

21. Never use the verb forms of "nap, boat, golf, or shower." You weren't napping, boating, or showering. You were TAKING a nap and PLAYING golf.

22. Always refer to the sports teams at Pennsylvania State as Penn State...Not the Nittany Lions because it sounds feminine.

23. When you get married your wife should change her last name.

24. Try your best to make your feet not look like they belong on a Komodo Dragon…

25. Know the difference between black and navy (Call something that is navy, “navy,” and NOT just “blue.”)

26. Never drink a Michelob Ultra from one of those skinny cans.

27. Don’t cuss around children...

28. Never be in a band with a female name if there are other guys in the band…For example, Gloriana, Barenaked Ladies, Sister Hazel, or Lady Antebellum!

29. You should always know what direction north, east, south and west are. (This was an add-on from listener #12)