I love Lorde!

She's 17 and she's a lot smarter than me I think.  She seems very wise, together, and unimpressed with her own fame.  She's just cool.

About the Grammys, she said if she doesn't win, it ain't no big thing. Or words to that effect.

She talked to an Australian website called The Music, and here are some of the interesting highlights:

She said, "To be honest I’m not gonna be too stressed if I don’t come home with anything...It definitely won’t cheapen or make less anything I’ve achieved."

At the same time she said, "It would be super awesome to win a Grammy...It would probably be the craziest thing that will ever happen to me if it happens."

And she's performing on the show.  Can't wait!  Lorde is up for four Grammy's, including Record of the Year.

My Grammy Predictions:

Katy Perry will look amazing, and the cameras will show 27 cutaways of Katy sitting in the audience with John Mayer, who will be wearing something velvety.

Imagine Dragons will unexpectedly knock our socks off with an amazing performance.

Macklemore will win something.  And Lorde too.

Madonna will make all of us gals want to work out more.

And some of the medley performances may leave us scratching our heads.  Like Robin Thicke and Chicago.  Will Miley join them too?

Heat up some cheese dip, grab some chips and some friends, and check out the Grammys Sunday night!  I'll be watching every minute of it.

Have a great weekend.