Justin Timberlake, apparently was recently driving through Nampa.  Yes, Nampa Idaho. While driving he had a flat tire and you have love that this happened.


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I was amazed aghast, agooged and thunderstrucken with wonderment when I originally read what happened to Justin Timberlake while driving through Nampa.  Then after a little more investigating I found out the story, although completely believable was completely fake.

According to KNP 7 News, after getting the flat tire, multiple cars pulled over within minutes to help him to help change his tire.  And no, people didn't realize they were helping THE Justin Timberlake.

Justin had this to say about the people of Nampa  "I was really impressed with the people of Nampa, Idaho! That would’ve never happened in L.A.!”

Unfortunately that web site is a satire and fake web site...so they got me, damn it.


Way to go Nampa, and way to go Idaho....another reason why this state is one of the places to be and live.


To see the story from KNP 7 click on the link below.