Today's guest hosts, Natalie and Lisa, aka The Diamond Girls, and I were in McCall 6 months ago. We captured our crazy weekend in photos, but then I lost the camera. A month ago, I found it. Here are a few of the photos we're legally allowed to share.

This is the new version of the hangover game! We will release a photo an hour this morning. We will start with the tame.

Kate McGwire Photos: This is how Natalie and I like to stretch it out before a day on the slopes.
Kate McGwire Photos: Mimosas are how we start the day!
Natalie wanted us to mimic a photo of cats that says, "You always have that one friend..." I'm sweet. Lisa is sassy and Nat is that one friend...
Kate McGwire Photos: We made it to Forresters!
Kate McGwire Photos: Sliding into home!


Kate McGwire Photos: Now it's gettin' real!
Kate McGwire Photos
Kate McGwire Photos: Recouping at Gold Fork Hot Springs