This is one of the weirder YouTube channels I've seen and that's saying something.  This woman actually makes a very good living doing this.


Based on this person and how they make a living, there really is no reason for anybody to be unemployed any more.   This woman makes a good living just posting videos on YouTube of herself WHISPERING.  She's got 94 million views and 350,000 subscribers, and all she does is whisper.

This woman in Maryland runs a channel called GentleWhispering,  where all she does is whisper stuff and record it!

Apparently people find it relaxing. The Washington Post even did a story on her recently, and she explained how it has to do with something called "autonomous sensory meridian response."

The point of the videos is to trigger a relaxing sensation that psychologists are  calling ASMR, short for autonomous sensory meridian response.

It's basically that tingly feeling that you get in the back of your head and neck sometimes, when you hear relaxing sounds.  Apparently people watch these videos wearing headphones, to get the tingly feeling over and over again.

Try it out, it totally worked for me, but I did have to put on a pair of headphones for it to work.