Late night Icon David Letterman announced that he will be retiring sometime in 2015 after over 30 years doing "Late Night with David Letterman"  I for one am sad, as Dave was an inspiration in my early days on the radio.  I was going to college when Dave first started on TV.  I though he was brilliantly funny and was inspired that he started as a radio DJ in Indiana, then became a television weatherman until he got fired for saying hail was falling, the size of canned hams, which caused widespread panic.
I will miss his very funny interviews too.  Check out some of those interviews below.

David Letterman and His wife Regina...........Photo by Ron Sachs - Pool/Getty Images
TheBovada sports book is out with their list of odds on who they think will replace David Letterman.Stephen Colbert ... 3:1Craig Ferguson ... 7:2Chelsea Handler and Conan O’Brien ... 6:1Jay Leno ... 50:1The NY Daily News claims Craig Ferguson's contract calls for him to receive $8 million if he is passed over for Letterman's gig.A source tells People that Dave's crew was in tears after his retirement announcement.  Many people didn't know about the announcement ahead of time and were really in shock.  Although, One crew member says he always thought it was gonna happen just like it did, completely out of the blue.