Dreams really do come true and there is an app for everything! Two ladies quit their jobs to start an app called Manservent.  This isn't what you think.

Steve Frost

It’s not a stripper who gets naked and rubs his greasy body all over you. It’s a ManServant: a gentleman who treats you like a queen. Think: personal photographer, bartender, bodyguard, and butler all in one.

For $125 an hour, here are some of the listed services a man servant can provide:

  • At concerts, he'll hold your place in restroom lines or get you goodies from the concession stand.
  • Having a girls night out and need a bodyguard or a drink fetcher? Your manservant can do that.
  •  He can feed you grapes and pour bubbly while you hang at the pool with your girlfriends.
  •  A man servant also won’t hesitate to be your personal assistant at work, cabana boy at a pool party, your master chief while you soak in a bath.
  • Your Manservant will answer to the name you’ve bestowed upon him.

The only thing a manservant won’t do is take you to Oklahoma. You're told to look elsewhere if you want your manservent to service you. He must keep his pants zipped and his hands to himself.

What do you think? Would you hire a manservent? Would your husband be cool with your manservent, Sven, giving you a manicure when he came home from work? My question is, for $125 isn't he your personal assistant? Does he work on a regular basis? Or just special events? I am sure someone people are outraged but the name, but if men are applying for this job knowing full well what is requires then have at it!