When Cosmo says it, I tend to believe it.  And Cosmopolitan has outlined several things that guys notice right away about us gals, so we can either be conscious and aware or totally paranoid I 'spose.

With some of this stuff there's not a darned thing we can do about it to improve it, even if we wanted to.  Here goes!

Think he's looking at your chest and butt, girls?  Nope!  Well, the "hip-to-waist ratio" is on the Cosmo list for things guys notice instantly.  Is that what they call it?

Other things guys notice right away include the size of our group (and maybe if we have hot friends), our eyes, and how thick our hair is.  The hair thickness, really?  Oh, and they notice "what's fake" about us.  If they see lots of fake eyelashes and hair extensions they assume we're high maintenance.

Hey fellas, you know what we notice about you?  Your butt!  Haha!  Let's just say it. And your eyes and smile, and whether or not you have jacked up teeth.  We don't want to be kissing jacked up teeth.

Now back to that Tinder App.  Happy browsing.