You go to the grocery store with a list that you're going to stick to, and the next thing you know you've got a cart full of junk you don't need.  Because the kids talked you into it! Dang it!

I dropped the kindergartner off at school today and then stopped at the grocery store with the 4 and 2-year olds.  I ended up with extra cheese pizza, drinkable yogurt I hadn't planned on because they said, "Mama, it's healthy," and an Easter Egg coloring kit that was on sale for 99 cents.  Easter will not be over in our house.

It could have been much worse.  Here's what those sneaky kids tried to put in the cart, but I made them put it back.

A chocolate Easter bunny


A 2 pound bag of gourmet jelly beans

A frozen kid meal with smiley face french fries

A rubber stamp with turquoise ink

A dozen roses, plus another flower arrangement and a candy bouquet

Lunchables (this time)

A sucker, a lollipop, and then another sucker (I don't really know the difference)

And an Elmo sandwich holder (because we already have one)

At least I escaped relatively unscathed this time!  I'll help eat the cheese pizza and blueberries so I'm cool with that. Note to kids - if you really want something, make sure Mom or Dad also likes it.  And then they will say yes.

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