Kids always want a pet it seems.  My three daughters seem to rotate the duty of asking for a new pet, even though we have a miniature schnauzer named Harry and he's a good boy and not in danger of losing his role in the family.  When I point out that we could just settle in and be content with Harry, they inevitably ask, "Ok, but when Harry dies, can we have a cat?"

I don't know whether to be upset, or just be thankful that they are forward-thinkers who are already planning for the future and setting lofty goals.  It's the little things.

I finally caved and bought a fish.  I too love aquatic life and supported the girls in their $4 decision to invest in Maddox the Betta.  But here's why I'm having pet regret.

Because Mama always ends up taking care of these creatures!  Even if the kids take care of them for awhile, they tend to lose interest after awhile and Mama is the backup pooper scooper, feeder, waterer, and fish bowl cleaner.  Why do we say yes to pets when we KNOW this will happen?!

My 2-year old got into the habit of feeding Harry the dog every night so I quit doing it, and one day Harry came to me hungry and begging for some scraps.  I don't know how long he'd been without food, but I gave him a big pile of Purina and he was just fine.  And now Piper has started feeding him again, so he will probably end up twice his healthy weight.  Until she stops again.  Poor dog.

So we've got Maddox and Harry now; a fish and a dog.  And I'm quitting!  No more pets. Until Finley, Kallan, and Piper talk me into a parakeet.