An Open Letter to All of those Editors who are writing Healthy Living Articles -- I don't need another article on how wealthy, thin women stay wealthy and thin.  I have a pretty good idea how that happened.  I want to hear about someone REAL.  This started a few days ago when I was reading an article on-line today about busy women and how they stay fit and healthy.  I thought, "I'm a busy woman and I'm trying to find ways to stay fit and healthy, so maybe they have some good ideas for me."  Unfortunately, they interviewed people who were NOTHING like me:  actresses, CEO's of big corporations, women sportscasters, etc.  All of these people can afford personal chefs who make healthy meals for them, assistants to do their grocery shopping, maid services, nannies to take care of their kids -- I simply can't relate to these people at all. Their reality is SO not my reality.

I want to hear about the working woman with a family to take care of, a limited budget to spend on food and has to do the occasional cleaning up of the dog who rolled in "Lord knows what" out in the grass after a really long day at work.  Followed by having to clean the tub after the dog bath because no one else will.  How does THAT woman eat healthy, sleep well and get daily exercise? Especially the eat healthy part.

That's the kind of motivation I need on my weight loss journey.  I want to hear from someone like me -- works 8 to 10 hours a day, would rather have a cheeseburger than a salad, is trying to break the habit of having a glass of wine every night with dinner and wants to drop 15 lbs...the same 15 lbs she's been struggling to lose since she was 24 and she's now 46.

THAT woman is someone to whom I can relate.