The Children's Cancer Pavilion at Julia Davis Park was just unveiled over the weekend meant to inspire kids battling cancer, but I have a feeling it might inspire all of us. says the new pavilion has been about six years in the making, and overlooks the duck pond, features a mural, and has a paved walkway with bronze footprints meant to mirror a child's steps to cancer survival.  And then there are two hop-scotch designs made with engravings by kids who have battled cancer, and other highlights.

I made a new friend at the neighborhood pool this weekend, and I commented on how cute her 6-year old twin girls were.  After a little while she told me that one of them is in cancer remission, after having been diagnosed with a neuroblastoma at age 2.  That gorgeous little girl was given a 10 percent chance of survival back then, and now she's in complete remission, has a great prognosis, and no one would ever know by looking at her that she had any sort of health hiccup in the past.  She's a healthy, happy kid headed to first grade in the fall, and she'll probably out-swim my three girls all summer long.

When I check out the new kids pavilion at Julia Davis Park I'll walk the bronze footsteps and think of her.  The pavilion is right next to the Cancer Survivor Plaza at the park.