Thanks to Love Cloud, now you can join the Mile High Club without the fear of being busted by a flight attendant and thrown in airport jail!

Love Cloud Las Vegas

I will admit, the idea of joining the Mile High Club has crossed my mind. But I am so claustrophobic that I can't even handle being alone in an airplane bathroom let alone bring a buddy with me! I doubt though that Love Cloud came up with this idea based on people like me with a fear of small places. I think they created this because if you even stand in the isle of a plane these days, you run the risk of getting booted off the flight and put on the no fly list so there is no way that you and the hottie in 17A are going to be able to join this exclusive club.

Thanks to Love Cloud, you can now join the X rated club with a private flight over Las Vegas. No worrying about the nosy lady in 3B glaring at your wondering what took you two so long in the bathroom. According to the Huffington Post, you get the entire back of a private plane to accomplish the task of joining the Mile High Club. There is even a red velvet bedspread on the foam mattress. Oooooh! I'm getting excited! Don't worry, the company has all the details worked out about privacy and cleanliness.

NOTE: I am being completely sarcastic about this. There is no way I would be comfortable getting busy in a plane knowing the pilot knows full well what I was doing. Now if the pilot had no idea, that is another story. If money was no matter, would you book this flight?