They invited me back! Last year I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at the Women Ignite Idaho Conference and am beyond flattered that they want me to speak again this year.

Sheli G Coaching

Women Ignite Idaho is the "What's Next" of conferences with business and leadership development, and phenomenal personal transformation. I can't believe I get to share the stage with these speakers! They come from all over the country to inspire, educate, and give you crazy courage! There's also a dynamic trade show for high-level connecting and networking.

Last year as I was sitting in the audience listening to the amazing speakers I thought, "this is an event that mothers need to bring their daughters to; this is an event that stay at home mothers need to attend; this is an event that women in the workforce need to buy a ticket for; this is an event that all of my girlfriends need to join me for." No joke, no matter who you are or where you are in life, you will get something out of Women Ignite Idaho! I highly encourage you to buy a ticket and share this with all the women you know.

Guys, you're not left out. Men Ignite Idaho is April 30th and there are no rules from keeping you out of Women Ignite Idaho. If you interact with women (and who doesn't) then you will walk away with valuable information that can only make those relationships, whether at home or work, better!