Find the five most random photos in my phone, share & then explain. I tend to take screen shots a lot so this could get interesting.

Guidelines for the random photo contest! No family or pets, but can be videos or Snapchats.

This first random photo I found, I didn't even know what it was at first. I had to move my phone back & realized it's a keeper. My name on the Wall Of Foam at Old Chicago & this is all I have. Never been able to find my name again.

Stephanie Kay Random Photo 1

The second random photo I found is a quick shot I got of my boss with a bunny head on. He was running around the building before I snapped this gem.

Stephanie Kay Random Photo 2

Random photo three is actually a video of my coworker Jodi from the department of awesomeness. In half a mascot costume dancing in slow motion.


Fourth random photo is a photo of a shirt I don't even own, seriously. But is was too funny so I took a photo cause it's true my Vikings make me drink a lot.

Stephanie Kay Random 4

Last but not least the fifth random photo is of my massive wine glasses that hold half a bottle of wine each. But filled with Mountain Dew. Cody & I just moved into our place, didn't have wine or regular glasses so we toasted with Dew!

Stephanie Kay Random 5

Now the challenge goes out to you let me see your five random photos or videos.