Since 2009 it has been an annual tradition to watch a Peregrine Falcon in a nest in downtown Boise. This year the birds eye view started 2 weeks early!

Wavebreak Media via iStock

Yesterday a Peregrine Falcon laid an egg in the nest at One Capital Center in downtown Boise. Do you know what this means? We get two weeks more than usual to watch a bird hatch an egg! This is the earliest that Peregrine Falcon has laid an egg since the Idaho Department of Fish and Game webcam started giving us a "birds-eye-view" in 2009.

I can't stand birds, yet I find myself watching Idaho's state bird in it's nest hoping to catch a glimpse of the "action!" It's like watching paint dry, yet I am one of the thousands that logs on to watch a bird sit on an egg. It really has become a spring time tradition here in the Treasure Valley. In case you are new to Idaho, the Peregrine Falcon is a bird of prey and also the fastest animal on the planet because it can dive at 200 mph! We are lucky to have the World Center for Birds of Prey right here in the Treasure Valley. I am hoping to set up a Kate University field trip out there because I have lived here way too long to have never been there! In the meantime I am going to ignore my "to do list" and sit at my desk and watch the Peregrine Falcon downtown lay an egg.