I never feel short unless I'm standing next to someone tall. So I try to avoid standing next to Mike at all times. But today is all for me and all the vertically challenged girls in the world! Here are 5 reasons I love being short.Being only 60 inches tall has never bothered me. I've never felt like I was missing out on anything. I have learned, I have a  completely different perspective of the world we live in.

My Top 5 Reasons I Love Being Short

  • 1

    Car Hoods Are No Issue

    I can't see the hood of my jeep if I'm driving so I never have to look at a dirty jeep!

  • 2

    Heights Don't Scare Me

    Being so close to the ground, heights aren't an issue.

  • 3

    Always In My Size

    My feet are so small, that sometimes I can buy kids shoes at half the price!

  • 4

    It's A Daily Workout

    I burn more calories than the average person because just getting the peanut butter down requires climbing

  • 5

    Dating Made Easy

    My dating pool is theoretically huge because I never have to worry about dating someone shorter than me.

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