I had no idea what Green Monday was, let alone that it was today. Some claim it's bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don't miss out. Find out what Green Monday is all about.

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Shopping. Retailers realized that naming certain days of the year creates a huge fear of missing out. So we feel if we don't buy today then we will miss out on some amazing sale. Green Monday was actually established by eBay to describe its best December deals and this has resulted in more momentum over the years. The holiday shopping frenzy use to start with Black Friday. That has since crept into Thanksgiving and even the day before. Then the internet took over and Cyber Monday was the day to buy. That wasn't enough for retailers so now we have Green Monday, also know as Cyber Monday 2. Since so many of us are procrastinators, calling today Green Monday creates a panic that we only have 10 days until Christmas Eve so we need to buy, buy, buy! Even though my shopping is done, I'm adding to the Green Monday shopping frenzy. I can't complain since I'm adding to the problem. Or is this really a great day to buy? Check out the Green Monday deals!