Twenty Five years ago my wife began driving kids to day care, then to school.  This was a special time with kids, because for the 20 to 30 minutes it took to drive to school or home she had their complete attention to talk about anything, and boy did they. But it all came to an end today with a drivers license.

Jim Gray/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The great thing was that when it was dark, there was no eye contact, so no matter how uncomfortable the conversation no one had to look at each wife loved those times together.  I think even our kids would admit that they enjoyed those times.  I know for a fact most of the teenage sex talks happened in the car.

Yesterday our youngest, Corbin, became our last child to get his license.   You would think this would give my wife, Tracy, a lot more freedom.  She doesn't have to run him around to baseball practice or pick him up from school.  But she was very sad about it, because of the time she will miss having conversations....even though I pointed out that as a teenage, all he ever says is yup....nope...and an occasional grunt.  But as she said, when he's in the car locked in, he may not talk, she can still talk at him.

All I know is that if she's having this much trouble letting go of him just to drive, I can't wait for graduation in 3 years when he actually leaves home.  Should be a fun day or, rather month in the Kasper household.


Oh and by the way, Corbin said he drove all the way home with a huge smile on his face knowing that he was in the car driving all by not everyone is sad.