The tourist population in that state of Oklahoma has quadrupoled since Mike and Kate in the Morning started 12 years ago. At least that's what we want your children to think. There is a certain period of time with children where you can tell them anything and they believe it. It's the sweet innocence of a child that makes this possible. They are naive and gullable. And thank goodness for this time because sometimes, very adult things happen in the presence of kids, some things are said that they don't need to know about at such a young age. So we tell little white lies to protect their innocence. And they don't question it. And we love them for it!


I am a fan of the website and recently came across this blog from one of the writers, Grace.


"You can’t really explain what “awkward” means to a child because they just haven’t experienced it yet.

Awkward doesn’t come till later in life, like maybe 6th grade when you look at yourself in the mirror. Or in high school when an 11th grade boy from your gym class you barely know, circles you like a shark at your locker and then asks you to YOUR senior prom.

Note: Believe it.

Anyway, last night I found myself in what normally would have been a very awkward situation, but since I was surrounded by innocent minds, they didn’t understand the awkwardness of it all, and for that I am grateful.

I was babysitting kids for a family down the street, so the parents could go to some open house pre-school thing for their 3 year old twins.

Let me tell you a fun fact about these twins. They LOVE hand sanitizer, pretty sure it rivals Little Einsteins and maybe even high fructose corn syrup. They play with it in their hands, sniff it, inhale it, smoke it, you name it. I have even caught them rubbing it on their faces and licking it off their lips. I know, gross.

I was getting the twins ready for bed and accidentally put their pull ups on backwards. Like how am I supposed to know if Elmo is waving hello or goodbye, and if he should be on the front or the back.

Apparently the girl twin thought I did it as a joke and said "Gwace funny." To which I whispered, "I know your mom doesn't play favorites, but let's be real, you are the better twin." Not really, but I was flattered a 3 year old found me funny.

I heard a door slam and their 6 year old older brother shouts, “Put your hands out guys! I GOT HAAAND SANITIZER!” Clearly, it's not just the twins who share the same enthusiasm for the stuff.

The excited twins held out their hands as if to receive the most perfect gift, but just as their brother is about to squeeze the tiny bottle, I realized what it was. All I could do was shout, “NOOOOO!!” Pretty sure my voice even got weird like it does in the movies during slow motion.

“Oh hunny, that is NOT hand sanitizer! Where did you get that?”

“In mom and dads room. In the drawer. By their bed. If it’s not hand sanitizer, what is it?”

“Uhh, umm. Well...umm.”

I was at a loss for words. How do you tell a kid it's probably the reason he has a 6 month old oops-it-was-a-surprise baby sister chillin' in the exersaucer downstairs?

There was no way I could explain to them what it was, so I just grabbed the older brother by his shoulders, got down to eye level and in the most serious tone I’ve ever used said, “I can only tell you this, it will not clean your hands. I want you to go back in your parents room and put it exactly where you found it and never, ever touch it again.”

He was clearly confused by my overreaction to the stuff, but thankfully he did listen and put it back.

I hope that is the last time I ever see that kind of bottle in the hands of a 6 year old. Visions of the twins playing with it, smearing it on their faces, and licking it off their lips still make me shudder, they will never know what I saved them from. Probably years of therapy." Source:

What have you told a child and they believed you, no questions asked?