I love my job, but it’s not really a job. I get to wake up every day and play music and talk on the radio…eazy peazy!  But apparently I’m not the only Idahoan that loves my job.  According to a new study, Idahoans love their jobs more than anybody else in the U.S.


On the “Love the Job” scale, States in the Western US seem to love their jobs more, in general, while people in the East Coast tend to hate their jobs more.

Idaho nabbed the No. 1 job-love spot in 2016 taking over the top spot from Hawaii.

The study found that other western states with lower population like Montana, North Dakota, Vermont, Utah, Maine and Washington, have more love for their jobs than states in the East with high populations. Jobs with the most love tended to be in the technology, nursing and customer support. The things that these jobs have in common, according to the study is that they have more flexible schedule arrangements.

And if you thought people loved their jobs on Fridays more than any other day, you’d be wrong.  Thursday, is the most loved work day of the week.  I get it, you only have one day left, so there’s anticipation of the weekend, without actually having to get everything done on Friday before yo can take off and have a little fun.  The point of which is driven home even more when according to the study, Sunday is the most hated day of the week….Yep, even more than Monday.

So if you’re job sucks and you hate you work, you should pack your bags, move here to Idaho, get a tech job, take the month of July off for vacation and make sure you get a job where you actually like the people you’ll be working with.


Take a look at the entire survey to see how Monster/Bandwatch came to their conclusions and unfortunately, even though Idaho is #1 for job love in the US, the US is way down the list as far as the rest of the country and how much we all love our jobs