We know she's a princess, but where is she exactly in line to the throne?

With the birth of the princess on Saturday, Prince Harry got bumped to fifth in the line to the thrown.  The new princess is now fourth in line to the throne, behind her big brother George, her dad Prince William, and her grandfather, Prince Charles.  Prince Harry was fourth behind all of them, and now he's fifth behind the princess too.

The Princess may never become Queen if the others are able to fulfill the duties after they inherit the throne.

We know this about the newest royal -- as she grows up she'll be photographed everywhere she goes, and when she wears a dress or a bow in her hair, those will sell out in stores in a matter of hours!  She will be a fashion trend-setter just like her mother, the Duchess.

Some on social media have been critical of Kate Middleton for looking so darn good just a few hours after giving birth, and some were wishing for no makeup and yoga pants when she stepped out of the hospital to introduce the new baby to the world.  You know what?  Leave Kate alone!  She's just fabulous, and if a girl has a team of stylists to pamper her after the most excruciating pain and hardest exercise a woman can ever experience, then so be it.  You go girl.  Thanks for inspiring the rest of us moms to look our best too.

This new baby will cry, poop, and puke just like our own kiddos.  We have that in common with the Royal Family.