This is my favorite time of year, because the weather is awesome, it's my birthday month (we girls claim the whole month), and football has returned.  Yay!

I grew up in Nebraska and over there you just have to love football.  The Huskers are part of the culture, and so is high school football.  My dad and I watched games together when I was a kid, and so my knowledge of holding penalties and the nickel package dates back to watching him talk to the TV.

I've become a Boise State Bronco fan now too, and I love the new uniforms with the shiny new facemasks.  Do you?  Oh, and which uniforms will the Broncos wear this weekend against Colorado State?

The Broncos host Colorado State this Saturday night, September 6th, and Coach Brian Harsin said Monday at a press conference that the team would wear all blue.  Cool!

And the Idaho Statesman says the team will hold the Bronco Walk  2 ½ hours before the game, so about 5:45 p.m.  The paper says Coach Harsin will pull eight to 10 fans out of the crowd and invite them to tour the Bleymaier Football Center. Hope it's you.

We may be seeing different colored helmets all season, after the team wore those sassy and super cool orange ones for the season opener last week against Ole Miss. Each player has five helmets each — orange, blue, white and black for games, and blue for practice.  Who knew!

Just one more thing.  Can the players wear those jerseys a little looser?  I know they want to be slick and not easily tackled and leave little to grab onto, but sometimes it looks like the material is so tight they can't breathe.

BSU and CSU this Saturday!  Plan ahead for the traffic, and talk some trash with that CSU Ram fan Kate McGwire this week.  It's a fun week in the hallways around here.