I'm officially, official! After six years of working with MIX 106 it has finally happened!

I've worked with MIX 106 for a long time. The first weekend I started here was back in 08', for the first ever Idaho's Largest Garage Sale. When it was two days, I worked two sixteen hour days in a row & still came back for more.

I've been to ever big event since & put in many hours. So I thought the highlight of my career was when I got to meet One Republic (I'm a huge fan).

Stephanie Kay Photo

Or the time I went out for press day at the Nampa Air Show & got to ride in one of the planes.

Stephanie Kay Photo

But no I was wrong! I'm finally official at MIX 106 & I'm super excited. I know I'm a dork but I know someone out there has to have had a moment like this. What was the shining moment at your job that made you feel officially an employee?