Today after the New Mix Morning Show with Mike & Nicole I did something that I haven't done for almost 18 years. Every bit of anxiety pulsed through my body, I'm literally still sweating. Even though I haven't taken an actual drivers test since my days in Drivers Ed at Boise High School in 1997 ish...I was terrified. I made the mistake of letting the Mix Staff know that my year anniversary with the station was coming up and how crazy it was that I still didn't have my Idaho Drivers License. Have you ever had those moments when you immediately regret the thing that just came out of your mouth. YUP!!! That happened. So the team reached out to Idaho Driving School and set up an actual practice test for me. Here is just a snippet of what happened on that driving test. Let's just say I have a bit to refresh on before I take the actual test soon. Please enjoy, and don't giggle too much at my pain...ok...its fine if you do..that's what I'm here for.  Episode 1 is coming soon- JD

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