Look at all the crap in my garage!

My excuse is that I just moved in a month ago, and I've had many other things to tend to.  This is actually a reduced pile since much of what was there has already found a place inside the house.  I will keep picking at this pile of wonders until it's all gone, and until every piece of it is in a proper place.  Cuz "Mama don't like messes" and she'll drive herself crazy if this heap stays here much longer.

See any treasures in there?  Come on, it's good practice for Idaho's Largest Garage Sale this weekend!

That big tall thing in the middle is an inversion table that I used when I had back problems and needed to be stretched out and flipped upside down.  I'm not sure if it cured my back pain, but it dig make me dizzy and light-headed.  There's a pool noodle in there, an old car seat that the two-year old has grown out of, TV trays, a plastic chair mat for an office floor, bags of kids' clothes, fertilizer, ant killer, and God only knows what else.

The vendors at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale this weekend are busy cleaning out their garages as we speak, and I'm sure they have much cooler stuff than I do!  I'm ready to shop!  Out with the old treasure, in with the new!

There will be commercial and residential vendors there, so you'll have a great shot at finding some pretty awesome stuff.  And the weather is supposed to be fabulous on Saturday!  See you at Expo Idaho all day on Saturday, and bring the kids!