Have you visited a Wendy’s in about the past 6 months and used either a credit card or debit card?  If you, like me, have visited a Wendy’s since January of this year, you probably should check your credit card account ASAP. Wendy’s announced a massive credit card breach and several Idaho locations, including almost a dozen locations here in the Treasure Valley have been affected.


Here are the locations impacted and the date range when information was stolen according to the corporate Wendy’s website:

Idaho Boise 1450 S. ORCHARD ST. 1/13/16 – 6/8/16
Idaho Boise 8100 WEST FRANKLIN ROAD 1/13/16 – 6/10/16
Idaho Boise 3680 STATE STREET 1/13/16 – 6/8/16
Idaho Boise 1180 BROADWAY 1/13/16 – 6/8/16

Idaho Caldwell 600 N 10TH AVE 1/13/16 – 6/8/16

Idaho Garden City 5525 CHINDEN BOULEVARD 1/13/16 – 6/8/16

Idaho Meridian 3140 E. FLORENCE 1/13/16 – 6/8/16
Idaho Meridian 100 E. CORPORATE DRIVE 1/13/16 – 6/8/16

Idaho Mountain Home 2910 AMERICAN LEGION WAY 1/13/16 – 6/10/16

Idaho Nampa 424 12TH AVE RD 1/13/16 – 6/8/16
Idaho Nampa 1028 CALDWELL BLVD 1/13/16 – 6/8/16

If you used a credit or debit card at these locations during this time period, better check your card statements now and continue to keep an eye on them or maybe just to be safe, cancel the card and have your bank re-issue a new card.