Some of you thought you might become rich by collecting Beanie Babies, but over the years you've come to the realization that your collection of thousands of Beanie Babies is almost worthless....unless of course you have one of these 11 rare Beanie Babies.

Hundreds of thousands of kids and adults amassed large collections of Beanie Babies, thinking that one day they may be worth a lot of money....but unfortunately there were a lot of Beanie Babies and a lot of collectors, so most are not that rare, especially if you started collecting during the peak of the Beanie Baby craze...but if you collected Beanie Babies before 1997, then you just might have a Beanie Baby that had been discontinued before the craze really got under way, and those may be quite rare and valuable.

The other important factor in making sure your Beanie Baby is worth a lot of money is that it has to be in new or near new condition with the hang tags still the rare one you let the dog play with, will no longer be worth much money, even if it is really rare.

The Princess Dianna Purple Bear for instance in great shape can fetch you around $75,000.  The Millennial Mint bear will bring you about $5000 and an accidental Halloween Plushie that has it's body put on upside down is worth around $40,000.

So head to the attic or basement and look at your long forgotten collection....maybe you have enough rare Beanies to retire...If you do, please let us know, I would love to share...

And for those of you who didn't collect Beanie Babies, maybe you might have some other toys that could make you rich....check out the video below and good luck.