For all intents and purposes Marvin Heilesen should probably be dead now, but instead he is home, looking forward to a family Christmas, thanks to the fast acting, life saving efforts of the Pomerelle Ski Patrol.

Pomerelle Ski Resort

On December 10th, Heilesen, a Pomerelle Ski Patrol member himself, collapsed in the first-aid room at Pomerelle Mountain. As he lay lifeless on the floor, his patrol colleagues sprang into action.  Things did not look good for Heilesen, he was in full cardiac arrest.

Six volunteer patrol members administered CPR, taking turns for 40 minutes, until a ground ambulance arrived. Pomerelle had called for an air ambulance but because of weather conditions the chopper was not able to fly,making things for Heilemen even more dire.

Pomerelle Ski Patrol members continued to provide lifesaving chest compression, artificial ventilation, supplemental oxygen last but not least the use of a defibrillator which eventually brought Heilesen back to life. The 51-year-old was rapidly evacuated to a Magic Valley hospital for additional care and is now home, recovering.

This is just one, incredible story of the Pomerelle Ski Patrol. It’s a 45 member, mostly volunteer, organization that assists the skiing and riding guests at Pomerelle Mountain.

Without the life saving equipment like the ones used on Heilemen, life saving, pre-hospital care is compromised. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the patrol relies on donations for continuing education, new member recruitment and to purchase updated rescue equipment.

The Pomerelle patrol has plans for a new on-mountain medical facility. A donation can be specifically designated to the general patrol fund or to the building fund. Donations may be fully tax deductible. The Pomerelle Ski Patrol is a registered patrol of the National Ski Patrol, an organization founded in 1938 and today represents over 28,000 members.