Boise and the Treasure Valley has been in the news a lot lately, and not all of the news has been great news for our area.  So, it's pretty awesome when there is some good, or funny news that we can share, like this, from a Treasure Valley Business called Peaceful Belly Farms.

John Moore/Getty Images

Peaceful Belly is a 70 acre farm located just outside Boise.  The farm is run by Josie Erskine, her husband Clay, plus a group of volunteers.

The farm grows approximately 150 different crops using organic methods for programs they support.  They are 100% organic, they don't use sprays or pesticides of any kind.

 As a farm like most they don't make a lot of money.  As a matter of fact, they just barely break even, every year, so they need to find creative ways to advertise their crops for sale.  One of those ways was to make a music video.  The video is a take off of Blackstreet's "No Diggity."