In an earlier post I shared what Idaho is worse at than any other state, so it's only fair we look at the flip side as to what Idaho is better at than any other state.


Diet in Review

Idaho has the worst drivers out of any state in the United States, which is saying something considering that we really don't have a lot of people or a lot of drivers and traffic. However we are good in something and it's something we all get to benefit from.  According to Thrillist, Idaho has the cheapest groceries. That's right, according to the web site Diets in Review, we have the cheapest groceries, with prices almost half of some of our neighboring states like Washington and Oregon. Yes even cheaper than Montana and Utah.

As great as Idaho is for cheap groceries, some other states don't have a lot to brag about. Here are a few of others states highlights:

  • Montana – Longest Cat Lifespans
  • Wyoming – Lowest Rate Of Syphilis
  • Virginia – Most Vanity License Plates
  • Hawaii – Least Likely To Collide With A Deer
  • And of course congratulations if you are a guy and live in North Dakota, you really really have something that I'd love to brag about. (As Would most men) It sure beats the hell out of Montana's lame, longest cat lifespan.

See North Dakota and the rest of the States and What they are best at on the link below