Ironically enough, I am not a Pizza fan. I feel I just let a huge weight off my chest. My wife is Italian, my son loves Pizza and I'm just about the only one in the family who could go with out it. For many Idahoan's though the thought of NO pizza is not even an option. 

Credit: Doc's Pizza via Facebook 

According to there are 8 truly divine spots in this great state of ours to grab a slice. No we may not be New York or Chicago, but we do have some pretty tasty options.

1. Enoteca in Ketchum - Said to be an urban alternative to the local delivery or frozen pies. This hot spot will tantalize with wood oven fired tasty goodness. A favorite often requested is the Mercantile.

2. Proto's Pizza Boise- A hidden gem in downtown Boise, Proto's boasts of delightfully crisp thin sliced pies that are sure to be a favorite to any local bar scene hopper.

3. Wildlife Brewing & Pizza in Victor- Victor, yes Victor. I've lived in Idaho for many years and never heard of Victor until my eyes glanced over this list. And from the look of some of the slices that are coming out of this kitchen, I have for sure missed out. An abundance of flavors and toppings cover this small town eatery. The Jamaican BBQ is often highly requested.

4. Doc's Pizza in Rupert- Remember when I said I wasn't a fan of Pizza. I may have fibbed just a tad bit. There truly is only one place that I will chow down on slice after after slice no matter what. Doc's Pizza in Rupert Idaho nestled in one of the coolest small town squares in America serves up the absolute tastiest of pies this side of Chicago. From the Chicken Bacon Ranch to the simple Hawaiian it will keep you coming back enjoying the world class hospitality. family own's it haha. So yea there is that. :)

Credit: Doc's Pizza via Facebook