Forgive me for knowing more about quinoa and kale than I know about candy.  But I do love a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, especially taking a bite and sucking on it til it dissolves.  We've all got our crazy candy methods.

Ok, quiz time.  What's the highest ranking candy on Google Trends in Idaho?  It's not something that's top of mind usually.  I was surprised, but maybe you've got a stash of this fruity goodness on your desk right now.

The most trending Halloween candy in Idaho is the Mamba Fruit Chews.  Not to be confused with Starbursts I'm sure!  Mambas are big in Europe, and Idahoans are cool like that, being one of the first states in the US to figure that out and hop on board. Colorado and Oregon are onto Mambas too, and it's the highest trending candy in those states too.

What about Kit Kats and Rolos?  Those win in a few states.  Check out the whole chart HERE.

Did you notice New Mexico and the pencils?  Kids hate it; parents love it!

Happy Halloween!