I hate clowns. Stephen King's It ruined all clowns for me even though I had a healthy fear of them long before that. That's why you will never catch me staying at this motel.

On Monday, MSN ran an article from Roadside America.com about America's most unusual roadside businesses. The Cottonwood Dog B& B was the first on the list! Been there, done that. The one on the list that really caught my attention though was the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada. Not only are there clowns staring at you from every angle inside the Clown Motel but it's also built next to the Tonopah Cemetery that has been closed for hundreds of years and I'm sure still full of lots of spirits! No thank you. I'd keep driving even if it was 2am and I was dead tired. I'd rather sleep along side the road than stay in The Clown Motel. This place can't make any money. Who would stay here?!