It's official! As of midnight January 17th I have successfully went one full year alcohol free! And it was way harder than I initially thought.

Stephanie Kay's Glass of Wine

And no I wasn't pregnant! I just thought it was a challenge I needed to try for myself & see how life is like on the other side without alcohol. And.... It was kinda boring. NOT! It was so nice to be in a relationship without having any drama from drunken arguments. Not waking up hungover for an entire year & bonus getting to watch my friends be fools. Granted it did suck going to the bars & having to be sober, drinking Rock Star instead of a gin & tonic. On my birthday being sober while everyone else got wasted & left me at the table to watch all the stuff. Anyways, at first not drinking was super easy. And then as the time went on & I thought of my favorite beer or a dirty martini it got much harder. With more & more people asking to go have a beer or take a shot with me responding kindly "I'm not drinking". And than they would remark "come on it's just a shot rally" and I shout back "I'M NOT DRINKING". To everyone I snapped at during this adventure I'm sorry, it was a difficult time for me. And the time was dragging on to when I could enjoy a sweet glass of my favorite wine again. But that time has finally come! At midnight on Jan 17th my year was up & I have successfully went one full year without without drinking. And now am I planning on going off of the deep end.. No, however I am planning on celebrating with a few close friends over the weekend. And to anyone planning on this being your 2014 New Years Resolution, GOOD LUCK! There's some days when you'll need it, but be strong. If I could do it, anyone can.