Many people have seen Jesus in cheeses, The Virgin Mary in toast, but I bet even you can see God in this


A restaurant in Baton Rouge, LA. is getting a lot of media attention after one of its cooks found "GOD" in an eggplant that he was prepping for dinner service recently

Jermarcus Brady had already sliced about five eggplants his job when what to his wondering eyes did appear?  God.  Not a picture, but the word God spelled out in the seeds of the eggplant

His son saw God first and came running up front to show Jemarcus.

The owner of the restaurant said "We've been doing this every day for 48 years. ... Nobody has ever seen anything like this before.

No one at the restaurant cooked the eggplant, but instead they wrapped the vegetable slice in cellophane and it's currently in the freezer.


Sliced eggplant, he cautioned, turns dark brown when exposed to air.

Brady told local TV station that he is a man of faith, and he took the eggplant seeds as a verification that his life is on the right track.