There is one specific item I am in search of for Idaho's Largest Garage Sale. I need your help in keeping an eye out for it.

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I love garage sales, yard sales, used items....etc! I look forward to Idaho's Largest Garage Sale every year. Normally I browse through all the different sales, but this year I have one specific item in mind. I need a wagon for Gunner. He is 13, his back legs are not cooperating when we take our walks down Skid Row. Thanks to Rena, one of our 12 Listeners, I realized all we need is a wagon. Gunny would love this! I need your help though. I am only going to be at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale sale from 7-10am on Saturday and then I am headed to Glenn's Ferry for a wine event at Crossings Winery. So please keep an eye out for a wagon and tell someone at the Mix booth. Gunny and I thank you in advance for your help!