Today is our 13th anniversary and I was going to get Mike his 13 favorite things. Then I had a light bulb moment and decided to make him a diorama! Check it out.

Mike & Kate in the Morning Diorama

Last week I had homework for the show. I was supposed to give a book report on fetishes and make a diorama for my presentation. I got a C+ because I didn't complete the project and make a diorama. As I was trying to figure out what to get Mike for our 13th anniversary today, I had a fantastic idea! I decided to make a diorama of Mike & Kate in the Morning. No matter what happens now, we will live forever in a shoe box that used to be the home of my red high heels.

NOTE: There are no pictures in the history of "Mike & Kate" that show Mike's feet. These are not his feet. Nor is he a manpri wearing hobbit but this is what happens when all I can find is feetless photos!