Last week, Mike & I were talking about useless skills. I thought I could lick my elbow. I can't. Mike said it was impossible. That was until we got this video sent to us!

Listener #7, Shannon, sent us this video of her daughter licking her elbow. I knew it could be done! She can even do it with a sweatshirt on! By the looks of it, I am guessing you have to have special elbows aka flexibility that a woman in her 30s no longer has. Maybe I can say, "I use to be able to lick my elbow and thanks to my tour on the US Women's Tennis team I can no longer do it." Yeah, no one is going to believe that one either. I'll just stick to, "My useless skill is being able to tell you what day of the week any date falls on." Whoo-Hoo. It sounds just as plain and simple when I write it out.