Well, I finally did it, after passively shopping for a new car to replace the car my wife lovingly referred to as my P.O.S. car (or to be more politically correct, piece of crap car) while doing my live broadcast for Team Mazda this past weekend, I for some reason thought it was financially prudent to take the money they paid me for the live broadcast and use it as part of a down payment on a new shiny plaything.

Mike Kasper,Townsquare media

I love convertibles, I love the feel of the open air and the wind on a warm spring or crisp fall day.  Not so much when it's 100 degrees.  I have only owned convertibles since I bought a new Camaro convertible in 1989.  That's when, for some reason, I fell in love with the open air driving.  That first convertible is the only one that I bought new, all the rest have been used. Since 1989, in order I have owned a Camaro, Corvette, BMW, Mercedes, then another Mercedes, which I have had since 2006, and now another Camaro....all convertibles.  Now the only thing I have to worry about, is how to keep it clean, and how to keep my kids from asking for the keys.