You would think if you learn something as a kid, you would only get better at it as you get older. That is not the case with this fun childhood activity that I recently discovered I can no longer do.


There seems to be a current trend of bringing back childhood activities and calling them "fitness programs" for adults. As a kid I used to skip everywhere I went. It was fun, it was easy and I didn't feel silly about doing it. The other day at the gym, my trainer had us skip.

"This should be easy," I thought. "I used to skip all the time as a kid." Oh my goodness, someone should have had their video app on their phone going for this comedy scene. Moving in a forward motion while lifting my legs in a rhythmic motion is apparently a skill my body forgot a long time ago. I couldn't do it. I looked ridiculous. I felt ridiculous. This wasn't at all what I remembered as a child. I didn't feel care free. I felt stupid and by the look on everyone else's face, I'm guessing they thought so too. Is skipping only meant for kids?

I also found out the hard way that I can no longer hula hoop. I was a mentor last year at a local elementary school and my student was amazing at the hula hoop. I couldn't even get one full revolution! Jump roping is another one on my list. I almost lost my two front teeth as I tripped over the rope. Swinging the rope and jumping through the rope at the same time is too much for these short legs.

Swinging on the swing set is also something I used to love to do as a kid. I would spend hours on the swings. Now I can't go three minutes without feeling like I am going to puke. What happened to me? Where did all my childhood inhibitions go?  All I know is that at the company picnic this summer, if we have a potato sack race, I am in serious trouble!

What activity did you have no trouble doing as a child and now as an adult you find impossible to do?