How is it possible that this story makes it on an international website, but I didn't see this story on the local news. Unbelievable!

Redditt user TheAngryCelt

As I was browsing the internet today I saw a story about a guy who found a bobcat in the back of a pickup truck at a Wal-Mart. What?! I immediately figured it happened somewhere in the south where, in my mind, crazy things like that happen. Then I see, "Reddit user, TheAngryCelt took this picture at a Boise, Idaho Walmart." This happened here? In the town that I live in?

I read the news three times a day, five times a week and never saw this story. I would much rather hear a story like this on the evening news then watch another story about the 87th snowstorm in the east this winter. A bobcat in the back of a truck at Wally World...that is good stuff! I even learned something. Who knew that a bobcat liked to be pet?