I know I could never ever do this, even if I worked out constantly the rest of my LIFE, I could never do this. Not even one. Not even a half. It's a 90 degree push-up.  I Bet you couldn't either.

If you've never heard of a 90-degree push-up, it's basically where you're in a push-up position, but you're balancing on your hands, and your feet are off the ground and you push yourself to a handstand, without your feet ever touching the ground .

Basically you do a push-up WHILE you transition into a handstand.  Yes, people can do them.  Some male gymnasts have the upper body strength to do it, but who would have thought a five-year-old kid could do them.  Not only do them, but he can do them for over a minute straight.

And for a 5 year old, this kid has some pretty amazing biceps.