I really struggle this time of year. January is always tough for me but throw in a two + week inversion and I am down right depressed. I have come up with some ways to survive this inversion until the storm comes.

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The only thing that will really cure the winter blues is a storm that blows out this nasty, dirty air and reveals blue sky and sunshine. The forecast doesn't give much hope that that will happen anytime soon.

After spending Saturday at Brundage Mountain in McCall under vibrant blue skies and cheerful sunshine I feel the need to help others who suffer from Inversion Depression. It's more than just SAD. This isn't just about winter. This is about dirty air that keeps us locked inside and I think it makes us feel even worse knowing that we are "locked in" but this muck.

That is the part that makes it seem unbearable. There is no snow in the clouds that have us locked into depression. It's dirt and pollution! The only silver lining is knowing that blue skies are out there!! We can go visit them and there are a few other things that can help too!

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    The McCall Winter Carnival

    It's only a 2 hour drive north on Hwy 55 to McCall and you out of the inversion in the first 30 minutes. The sculptures are built and it's a little different this year because we have so little snow that they used ice out of Paytte Lake to make some of the sculptures. Great day trip or go up this weekend for the final weekend of the Winter Carnival.

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    The Springs at Idaho City

    Only 45 minutes from Boise. Soaking in a hot springs in nature will definitely distract you from the inversion for a few hours. The pools reopened under new ownership last February. If you are not a huge nature fan don't worry. These are commercial pools with a cafe, changing rooms and more!

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    Working out

    Make sure it's inside though where the air quality for make you hack up a lung. Getting the endorphins pumping really can brighten up your mood. Even if it's just for 30 minutes. With all the gyms in town hoping to capture those with New Years Resolutions to lose weight I am sure you can get a free two week trial and by the time it's up hopefully you will see how great exercising makes you feel or the inversion will be passed and you can get outside and walk on the greenbelt. Even if you just go and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes, do it!!

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    Other ways to get out the inversion frustration include the batting cages at <a href="http://www.wahoozfunzone.com">WaHooz</a>. I have been working on my swing at <a href="http://www.golf365boise.com">Golf 365</a> on Federal Way. Ice Skating at Idaho Ice World is always a fun time solo or with the family. Kart Racing at <a href="http://www.fastlaneboise.com">Fastlane</a>. I am always a fan of going to the movies. That is a huge escape for me.

    If money is holding you back from brightening up your inversion days, a few easy things you can do are change your screen saver on your computer to a sceen with sunshine. A tropical beach or even just a family photo of you and the kids out in the sunshine last summer will perk you up. You can also change the wallpaper on your phone and iPad. Changing the image you see 100x a day does have an affect on your mood. Another way to cheer up is to start saving money so you can have something to look forward to come spring, even if it's just a tank of gas and lunch money for a day trip out of the Treasure Valley. Put it in a jar right in the kitchen. Get the kids involved. Every penny counts. Then put a picture on the fridge of your destination so that you stay focused.

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    Happy Light

    Like I have stated, I really struggle with the gloom. I love winter but coming from Colorado I am used to snow piled high on a ten degree day but the sun is still shining. Even after 12 years of living here I know I will never get used to the grey. Ever! So for those like me, I have to tell you about the Happy Light. One of our 12 listeners shared it with me last week. And this week it's $5 less than the last time I looked it up! One of our listeners just puts it on her dresser while she gets ready in the morning. Great way to get the 14 minutes of Vitamin D that we need each day!!

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