It's almost that time of the year when the weather is warm enough for Drive in Movie Theaters can open. Yes we still have drive in movie theaters (plural) here in the Treasure Valley.

I grew up going to drive-in movies in Grangeville.  Most of the movies I saw, while growing up was at the Grangeville Drive-in Movie Theater.  We'd load up the car with friends and for $5 a car load we'd see movies every summer.

Drive-ins used to be all over the place, but over the past 20 years most have gone out of business due to the movie industry upgrading their equipment to digital.  For most drive-ins, that was too much of a cost to continue to do business, but there are two still left here in the Treasure Valley and eleven others scattered through out the state, including my old drive-in in Grangeville.

If you are looking for an awesome time under the stars with family here are the two drive-ins in the Treasure Valley:


Caldwell (Canyon County) Idaho
Terrace Drive-in:  208-455-1433
located at 3701 South Lake Avenue* Single-screen drive-in

Parma (Canyon County) Idaho
Parma Motor Vu Drive-in:  208-722-6401
located at 29522 Highway 95


There are also a couple located in the Magic Valley in Twin Falls